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About Us

Based in China, Zhoushan Ruitai Ocean Shipping supply Company provides a wide range of shipping supplies and shipping agency services to the maritime industry. Our company is specialized in offering provisions and general stores to both domestic and overseas ship owners as well as ship supply companies. Our business scope mainly includes provisions, bonded stores, ship fuel, ship fittings, the ship paint, and ship apparatus. We have the necessary infrastructure, advanced system and experienced team to provide best service, to save our customer’s time and give them reliability and economic efficiency meeting all their needs.

Zhoushan Ruitai Ocean Shipping supply Company was established in 2007 to provide the best chandelling services to Ship-owners, Vessel Operators, Ship Managers, Agents through all the Zhoushan ports. We believe that our success is dependent upon costumers satisfaction and it is our priority to satisfy the ship owner, operator or consignee by providing fast and reliable services with competitive price. Zhoushan Ruitai Ocean Shipping supply Company is working 24 hours, 365 days a year to meet the need of its customers.

Zhoushan Ruitai Ocean Shipping supply Company is a long serving member of the International Ship Suppliers and Services Association (ISSA) and our services comply with the agreed ISSA terms and conditions. If you are looking for a competent, reliable and flexible business partner, then Zhoushan Ruitai Ocean Shipping supply Company is the right choice for your company.


Our vision is to be the trusted shipping partner of our customers through our emphasis on fast and quality services.

Our Mission

To be the leading shipping supply organization committed to ensuring the business of our customers.